Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coffee & kimono's

Yes i already posted these...i forgot some important info...here it is....This is Kendra's challenge....This is my idea of dressing up for the night ánd the next morning...hope it inspires you...
Big Fun in the Big City. It would seem like a couple of weeks would be enough time to pack, but it is not this time. In just a couple of week, I am going to New York City to meet up with a group of friends. We have an exciting time planned from shopping to wining and dining. The time crunch I am worried about is my lack of clothes that will give me a winning look in the Big Apple. As a mom with 3 kids, my wardrobe is not ready for a debut in one of New Yorks hottest hotels, so I decided to create the Kendra Fashion Challenge. With the help of some expert style boards, I should be ready for my trip in no time.
While visiting the city, we are planning a magical evening of dancing at one of the hottest clubs that has a plunge pool in the dance floor during the summer months. The hottest DJs around are going to be supplying us with the best dance music at Le Bain. After a couple of hours of dancing, we will be ready to eat. When can grab a couple of crepes and have a picnic in the “grass.” On the roof of Le Bain, they have a grass lawn for guests to enjoy.
As we count down the days until it is time to leave, we are putting the finishing touches on our schedule. There are a couple places we are not sure about, so I turned to my expert source, gogobot.com. This cool website supplies people with reviews of popular sights and hotels from expert travelers. It makes it easier to decide what to do in New York City. I know that no matter what we end up doing from seeing a show or having an upscale dinner at The Standard High Line Hotel, one of the best in the city I will have a better time, when I look my best! 

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