Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kiss and Tell

KISS AND TELL is an ethical fashion brand which is all about natural and handmade silk. Inspired by travels to the remote parts of North-East India. By translating ancient Indian crafts into modern and timeless designs, they create a sophisticated look with an edge.Their approach to fashion is all about fusion. Where they blend opposite ends of the style spectrum such as refined lines with raw edges. Something romantic with something minimalistic. Where East meets West with a Parisian twist. Luxurious fashion but at the same time they want to take care of the planet and the people we work with. They promote traditional silk farming. By using different kinds of hand- woven silk from North-East India kiss and tell helps to keep the traditional silk farming alive.Together with local NGO’s they create fair jobs for weavers and farmers and provide a living for many Indian families. This is a beautiful story, Bahareh quit her career as a lawyer to make her dream come true and started KISS AND TELL to make a difference in the fashion industry; luxurious fashion with care for people and planet...that's what we want...yeey...

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