Thursday, June 26, 2014

Malaika Cotton

Based in Scandinavia and Kenya, MALAIKA is a design brand with a conscience, dedicated to create unique textile products by fusing style with ethics. With a base in the Northern design heritage they are influenced and inspired by aesthetics around the world. As it turns out, a touch of the cold North combined with the proud crafting traditions of their suppliers make a perfect match, and it feels like they  have found a balance between design and production that gives a happy product (that stands aside from trends and the careless consumer culture.) They are firmly rooted on the two continents and their mission is to make them meet. Their products is the result of the global responsibility that they take. The ambition is to maintain an environmental high standard and a strong social focus in our production.
Malaika cotton was founded in 2013 by Ida, Mikaela and Susanne. Having travelled and worked within different fields such as film, design and community work with experience of starting up businesses they bonded over a mutual interest in colorful cultures, new perspectives and wanting to do good, channeling this global angle into their work with Malaika Cotton. 
These traditional colorful Kenyan Kikoys can be used as scarfs, beach sarongs, towels, table cloths, baby bed linen...multi purpose and multi color and multi pretty & social, such a grant combo....that's what i like....all 100 % cotton...what's your favorite color.......
“With this gift may our love increase” 

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