Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Noot Amsterdam

NOOT is an online and offline community where you can get connected with a bunch of their  favorite artists! NOOT gives the artists a new and refreshing oppurtunity to expose their work, they designed the perfect sweater just to expose their art it, and just for you to wear.

Together they create The Walking Gallery of Amsterdam. To bring art closer to all of us than ever, they will make it more accessible and wearable for everyone who feels connected to NOOT. You all can join the community and be part of The Walking Gallery, and just spread the love together. Make the world a little nicer with noot. Especially with the label on the back of the perfect sweater, with the real signature of the artist on it, you will feel like an unique piece of art yourself. 

Art is very static nowadays, it's hanging on walls, hiding in buildings, musea, galleries etc. with the Internet, art stays on the screens of your laptops, and second screens of your smart phones, iPads and probably third and fourth screens in a short amount of time... A lot of artists are facing some troubles of exposing, it's hard, it costs a lot of effort, expensive and most important of all: temporary. Good news, NOOT sweaters are forever! 

So NOOT is working with these exclusive and talented artists, each of them has got their own personal page on the website, you will find them at 'meet the artists', check them out and get to know them. Choose your favorite and order a sweatart (art on a sweater, duh!). They are really cool...
Are you goin nuts already...lovvv this logo...

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