Friday, July 18, 2014

Double Dutch...

Denham the Jeanmaker and Tenue de Nimes have joined forces to create a special Double Dutch graphic edition of Denham’s “J.V. Gusset” varsity sweatshirt. The clean repeating grid-pattern, created by three artworks, have been panelprinted on Denham’s J.V. Gusset in both men’s and women’s variations. 
Jason Denham: “The project represents a natural meeting-of-the-minds for us. We both set-up our operations in Amsterdam, which is fast becoming recognized as the important capital of European denim. Plus we’ve both been close neighbours in the city’s Nine-Streets creative district and it was high time we finally did something together.”
Menno Van Meurs and Rene Strolenberg, founders of the premium denim shop concept Tenue de Nimes describe their inspiration: “We were triggered by vintage Japanese denim and chambray monogram fabrics and wanted to present our ‘cross’ insignia alongside both the Denham ‘scissor’ logo and the city of Amsterdam’s three-X’s icon in a way that evoked the feeling of those traditional Japanese textile monograms”.
Oooooohhh...i really like this sweat....greatly done...the tiny scissors and xxx are gorgeous...looks like a sweat you will not take of any more....

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