Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tomboy Cafe

I know i normally post about Amsterdam goodies...but this one i could not resist...Tomboy Cafe in Melbourne, don't you just wanna go there like immediately...Looks really you recognize yesterday's place, cool cups & hot coffee..."Tomboy is a quietly cool cafe with a focus on sustainability that is evident in both menu and fit-out.It is the creative progeny of Pia Hambour and Georgina March, the duo behind wholesale baking business Box Brownies, who have long been dishing up their sweet treats to Melbourne coffee institutions. Tomboy serves up a more extensive menu including their signature gluten free bakes with mainly vegetarian offerings with a strong focus on sustainability; sourcing produce seasonal from their own veggie patch and local suppliers.An old outdoor milk bar sign, a giant roll of butcher’s paper displaying the menu and the vintage speaker system built in to the brick counter are just some of the cool detailing Tomboy puts up. These re purposed items are reflective of the pair’s creative flair, which also extends to their new publication, the Tomboy paper that covers Collingwood goings on, and a wall dedicated to showcasing the works of local artists."So who's goin with me to Melbourne...

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