Thursday, October 30, 2014

A La

According to traditional African mythology, elephants are a bridge between here and the hereafter, between earth and heaven, body and spirit.  Elephant Hair Bracelets are traditional token for good luck, protection and prosperity. The knots are more than practical – they are powerfully symbolic, too. Traditionally, the elephant hair bracelets have either two or four knots, symbolic of achieving a balance between body and earth, the supernatural world, spirits and not to forget the mysterious forces of nature. Produced in Indonesia, sterling silver ...Ooooohhh i like...
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Vintage upperarm bracelets from India, found in a very small holy town. Thin and flat textured string. Snake head design at closure. Found in Pushkar, India 
Recycled Brass 

A one – piece bracelet from India. Founded at a local market in Goa. Purchased from a tiny old lady, without any tooth left. As we may believe, the bracelet represents a fisherwoman from India. Found in Goa, India, lovvve these stories... 
Recycled, antique, Brass

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