Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Denham the Jeansmaker

Ooooooooh on my wishlist...I have a lot of favorite brands and this is definitely & certainly one of them...The truth is in the details...have a look...made with passion...and another great collaboration..The new advancer PARKA pushes the modern utility design ethos further into the future than ever. While the style owes a considerable debt to classic American fishtail parkas from the Korean War era, new construction ideas, ho-lographic “glass bead” accents, high-visibility facings, jacquard seam taping and a bold interior graphic created for use by House Guest Artist Matt W. Moore set the Advancer well apart from previous parka concepts. This season’s House Guest Artist, Matt W. Moore is renowned in the world of global graphics having produced heroic designs for some of the world’s most important brands. But like our own Art Department, Mr Moore’s heart lies firmly on the border between art and commerce. Happily for Denham Mr. Moore has been a longtime admirer of the “brand with the scissor” (aren't we all...) and was more than happy to collaborate on the new Byzantine collection. We like that...

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