Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twenty One Degrees

Twenty One Degrees was born out of the desire to live a free creative life, being connected with a variety of people from different sub-cultures, sharing similar goals and passions. Their extensive travels from Europe to California, from Hawaii to Fiji, from Thailand to Australia, from Morocco to South Africa and Indonesia sparked a fire in them to create a brand that mixes the European style aesthetics with the never ending inspiration from the road. Being heavily influenced by animal mythology, alchemy, gypsy wisdoms and mysticism, they incorporate patterns and tribal symbols from varies cultures in their works resulting in eclectic modern designs for today's Bohemians. Twenty One Degrees celebrates uniqueness, self-expression, passion and endurance while merging art and fashion with true craftsmanship.  All Twenty One Degrees products are 100% hand made in collaboration with true artisans and specialized craftsmen on Bali, supporting local communities and families. Their brand was born in late 2009 somewhere between Cape Town, Bali and Amsterdam. Rik, a retired professional windsurfer was armed with a unique vision and plenty of enthusiasm. Kim, child of a German gyspy family focused on her intricate design aesthetics and love for unique timeless products. Together they set up camp on Bali. 3 years went by in a flash, the first flagship store opened, some great retailers jumped on board, they moved into a proper office with rice field views. Let's Bali...

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