Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Flash Tattoos X Rain forest Partnership presents Illia- a colorful collection inspired by the beauty and magic of the rain forest. From electric-hued blooms to the vibrant colors spotted on birds, butterflies and all creatures in between, the neon brights and glistening gold designs featured in this collection are all inspired by the rich color palette found in the Amazon jungle.  Apply the feathers down your shoulder and arms for a display that will make a Bird of Paradise jealous.... Flash Tattoos donates 5% of the proceeds from each Illia collection purchase to the Rain forest Partnership, whose mission is to protect tropical rain forests by partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation. Your purchase of this pack makes you an official friend of the rain forest and will benefit the Rain forest Partnership as they continue to…it sounds like a win win...PROTECT the TREES and SAVE the EARTH...

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