Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stella's little project

Stella McCartney kids has launched a great kids drawing competition... Kids could contribute their own artwork to inspire two very special new t-shirts for the summer collection. I lovv this idea about participating. Isn't more going that way...Two winners have been selected. The submitted drawings were judged by popularity vote. These drawings will inspire two very exclusive Stella McCartney Kids t-shirts. The Top 100 drawings for each category will also win the new and exclusive Stella McCartney Kids t-shirt. Yes yes yes...
Oh dear, it was so exciting...

And of course we joined this contest. Hoping to win, but no...Buttt we are with the first 100, so we won a Tee, yeey...!! The above should have won don't you agree..I may not be very objective..
I luvvv this little birdy...Y

And by the way I like like like this one..(Not buying any clothes for myself for 1 year has also made me more conscious about the clothes I buy for the boys...and they don't mind, haha, their favs are always the oldest and most dirtiest pants, sweats etc..) So Stella if you are reading my blog can you throw in one of those jackets..Just kiddin' not about Stella, but we already won a Tee, so I am grateful..

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