Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jonah and the girl

i might have a shoe fetish for my kids (too..) how cool are these aussie canvas sneakers for kids from Jonah and the girl...As soon something says "made in Australia" i already like it...these look so handsome and you don't have to use the shoelace, well that's what a mother wants to hear, good thinking...
let's run to Aussie together..

Jonah and the Girl is the baby sister of boutique leather label The Horse. Having catered for the grown ups, they wanted to put kisses on the feet of the little ones. After months of dreaming, sampling and they are...Like The Horse, the shoes are crafted with love with no attention to detail spared. While they are taking the first steps with canvas kicks, be sure to keep stopping by as they add colours, styles and expand the product offering (and as they say "because you know as well as we do that baby sisters grow up quickly").

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