Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Draw your mind

i think i won't have to tell you anymore, i collect notebooks...and a lot of them are still empty..what can i say, i am good at building notebook towers, haha..
i love this line...draw your mind....go ahead, the more imperfect, the better...
i was talking about trends yesterday and a good thing is websites (read "the universe") are getting more authentic, yeey that's a positive thing..
a less positive trend i see is that it seems we all have to be perfect...and if you're not, get it fixed...maybe that's why we need notebooks so badly .. to write about our frustration of being or feeling different. We need to go back to celebrate being imperfect, weird is good, we don't want to be all the same now do we.. so draw your imperfect mind, yeey....
We are in a kind of a storm right now of people around us not being healthy, i know i love to write about goodies, but i know in my heart, there's no enjoying anything if your health is not OK...
So, just want to say celebrate life (and it's ok to be weird...)

saw at Frankie
notebooks at Poketo

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