Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zoe Karssen

Good morningsss, sorry for the small pics, i can hardly see it myself...i will be better in this, excuse me for now...So honestly, if it would all depend on me, i would only wear these kinds of outfits..oooh the look of it already makes me crazy...especially with winter coming now..these trousers and a nice big sweater, every day...yes every day...
Founded in Amsterdam in 2010 by duo Zoe and Quince Karssen. The Zoe Karssen collections can best be described as easy to wear, tongue in cheek styles for the cool girls in town. Let's pretend i am in this group..
Simplicity was the key, easy to wear and quirky but fun...It's the creme de la creme...What would be your pick? If it all would have been organic cotton it would have made me even happier...


  1. I do like the muted pink and grey T-shirts. "Kiss the future" - what a great saying. Hope you have a good weekend :) x

  2. You too Geraldine!! I might go as "bat" woman...

  3. I've recently fallen in love with Zoe Karssen, it took me a long while to adjust to the $100 for a T'shirt but the jersey was so soft and the message SO poignant that I HAD to buy - it was a grey 'Love is Love' style. Am DEFINITELY going to buy more but this time they will come from ASOS, just can't afford the mark up here in Australia. Blessings, fellow BYW student, KittyB (& Brit living in Melbourne, Australia)

  4. Hi Kitty,
    Wow, Zoe all the way in Aussie, how cool!! Yes i have the same wallet oooh, but then i really one of these days i might just "attack" the store...see how long i can withhold..; )
    Greetz to you down under, lovvv your country!!