Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Follow Studio

Follow Studio is about simple and organic, thoughtful, honest and handmade design. And from Aussie, it does not get any better....It's companies like this that really inspire me. They "follow" their own path, they are not influenced by the big picture, they have a pure feel to it, are organic, handmade and honest. It looks like more and more of these (little) companies are starting in all parts of the world. I am really happy with this trend. All we need is just a little patience...And now more about these goodies.
These custom made wax seals are great...love this color as well...Super for your company logo...

As well as these cute stamps. Custom rubber stamps made from traditional red rubber and maple wood, with your design laser engraved into the wood or maybe a nice line.."do not open" ...

It's these goodies where you feel they are made with love & passion...most of the time that means they are made in a fair way...lots of times by hand..it looks like people are going less and less for the big bulk and more and more for the honest and happy goodies...shift happens...
Just "follow" the studio(s)...

and always, always some notebooks, cause we (i) never have enough...
Follow me...to..


  1. I love these goodies~
    The colors and mood, so pretty :D
    Nice to meet you! (I'm from BYW)

  2. loving the white seal and simple fonts on those stamping kits. Have just bookmarked the shop link! :) x (BYW)

  3. yeey BYW..
    Aren't they great..
    ThanX for stopping by....