Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stella McCartney

I know i have written a thousand times about her (clothes..), today i thought i would blog about Stella McCartney and tell you why i like her soooo much. There used to be a great song (a thousand years ago) with the title, "you can go your own way, go your own wahahay"...love that song by the way...Anyways, in my opinion, if someones is going his or her own way...it's Stella..Ooooh i would love to be a fly on the wall in her office...or just walk with her for a whole day, being her shadow or twin sister. In the category, who do you want to be for a day, i would say Stella. Soo why...Cause she is a fashion designer and she designes great kids clothes as well, she is original, has her own taste, she doesn't use any real fur or leather, she is very conscious about the environment, fair ways of producing clothes for people & planet. It shows you can be glamourous and environmentally conscious as well. She introduced meat free monday in England...what a great way to use your "famous-ship". And she 's a mother of 4 kids, wow...Need i say more..
I lovve these 2 pics, sorry i could not find who took m..
So here's my hero of the day....haha..
Happy Hero day


  1. I love Stella Mc Cartney clothes for my kids too. The whole Mac cartney family is talented :) Have a great weekend.