Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maslo Jewelry

While pinning away the (whole) morning, i came across this gorgeous piece of pure and natural but with a little rough copper edge..oooh like...makes me happy to see when desperately trying to find the homepage ( i did it), the price of this great blt (bracelet) is very very OK...So there's copper & gold, which one do you prefer..It would go great with my empty wrist..haha...
This is what her website says about the designer, Nicole,
Richmond-based designer Nicole Maslowski constantly gleans inspiration from travels, antiques, the fashion industry, and cultural pieces of art and history. Her designs parallel the philosophy of combining the past with the present and traditional with the cutting edge. Each piece is designed with delicate details that customize a look and brand Maslo's unique style. Well, my thoughts exactly...
Copper or gold, copper or gold, copper & gold...??

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