Friday, October 19, 2012

I hate perfume i don't but i do like the name of this shop...
lovvv it...
i hate perfume...haha..
The shop is Brooklyn based, as more of these kind of cool stores. A plethora of scents are sold in this perfume gallery, ranging from the usual flowery ones to the very distinct, and sometimes strange - Cucumber Sandwich, Wet Pavement,  and Smoky Tobacco, Burnt Wood, Soaked Earth, Crushed Fig Leaf, Beautiful Launderette (hahaaaaaaa), Old Leather, Grass and Wildflower Honey to name just a few. The nose behind this alchemist's shop is an ex-taxi driver, inspired to become a perfumer by his dislike for some of the horrible scents worn by women getting into his car in the evening, that would linger and make him sick. He got really inspired, (by us) that's goop, uhh good, isn't it... I saw at

Smokey tabacco scent, i am really curious about this one...i think i already like it..maybe it helps if you want to quit smoking, haha....oh really...??
i haven't found my way around his website yet, but i like the name of the scents and the packaging...

Happy Weekend
I hate perfume (no, i don't...)


  1. How interesting - I'm curious now what these perfumes are like. I agree that sometimes perfumes are so strong, it can cause a headache. I personally like Jo Malone - subtle but lovely. Have a good weekend :)

  2. Will check yours out! Sounds good! You toooo happy (smelly) weekend!
    ; )