Thursday, November 15, 2012


Crisp white plates with happy notes on them....Be happy, it's GOOD for you. What a nice way to start the day...i like the letter font as if typed with an old type writer machine...Yes i also have a thing for ceramics...always on the look out for nice coffee cups..
What would you write on your plate or cup?
"when nothing is sure, eat cake", "what goes around, comes around (on a plate, yes)", "know your onions", "yadayadayada", "we could be heros, just for one day", " a muse me", "love & guts", "i am full of crab", "butt first coffee", "buckle up baby", "cooking is so last year", "part time veggie", "those were yesterday's feelings"...i could go on and on, maybe you notice...
And of course "failure is cool" , yes, go jump, go try, there's nothing to loose..
Yes you can...(eat 8 sandwiches..)

Believe, yes i like this one as well...rock the day...

cute pressies for X-mas..Do you want to be "merry" or "bright"..?
Have a merry & bright day

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