Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Super super nice mag from Aussie, Frankie, added some nice & nifty goodies to their range, it's a gift paper book with beautiful wrapping paper in it...almost tooo beautiful to wrap your gift haha...
Frankie really has an eye for beautiful things and the way they describe 'm is like a humorous fairy all made it up...They use words like nifty, hark, snazzy and more of these fabulous words, i wish i could write like that..Just to give you an example, this is what they wrote about the gift paper..
"Need to pretty up some pressies or just introduce more papery goodness into your life? The frankie gift paper book contains 10 sheets of unique ‘50s-inspired designs printed on high-quality perforated paper ready for you to rip, fold, stick, craft and tape to your heart’s content. Beautifully bound in a special protective cover, it’s a must for vintage lovers, paper aficionados and givers of awesome presents". Need i say more...
Happy wednesday

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