Thursday, November 8, 2012


Good mornin' dears, are you all smelling nice..haha, if not scroll down below, i can help you out..Great etsy shop Soap sells these terrific nice smelling soapies. Yes i admit i am a real etsy sucker...and i buy lots of goodies there. I will tell you why, the people behind the etsy shops are amazing, passionate, kind, sweet and they are always gratefull and happy when you buy something there..they will wrap it with love and send it as quick as the wind...Mostly a sweet and personal note is added...It's like receiving a present for yourself...
So for those of you who smell nice or don't, hop over...great X mas pressie for him i's always so difficult to find a "him"-present...and he will smell nice (for once), haha...

While you're at it...spoil yourself with some great vegan bacon, pumpkin, virgin, mojito, chardonnay, coffee, nude or naughty lip balm for YOU...i am sure you have one that matches you...
What would be mine..let me think, i am feeling naughty today, a virgin....

wish you a smelly & healthy day...(smelly cat ooohhh smelly cat..)


  1. Another great find, thanks, although not quite sure about the vegan bacon lip balm :)

  2. haha...that's so true...and bacon on your lips on meatfree monday, no can do..; )
    I'll have the chardonnay please...; )