Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Uguisu is a Japanese paper goods store (and other things..), it's like being a child in a candy factory...This Japanese stationary is so delicate, pure and beautifully made, lots of detail, beautiful lines, you can almost tell it's from Japan. One of the brands they sell is over 200 years old...This one above has a deer stamped on the white card (yes take a closer look, i did too...). The cards are scented, isn't that a great idea....
This beautiful deer embossed washi paper card is scented with calming Japanese fragrance of sandalwood. There are 8 cards packaged in a Japanese paulownia wood box. 

This accordion style unique writing pad is perforated at each fold so that you can torn the paper wherever you like depending on the length of your writing. It can be for a very quick little note, or a very long letter. 90 sheets if separated at each fold, comes in a booklet style package with 10 matching envelopes. Originally this is for Japanese vertical style writing, but it can be used side-ways. Made by a long-established washi dealer Haibara. (above and below)

Set of 3 beautiful handmade deckle-edged post cards designed by Yumeji Takehisa, a very famous Japanese poet and painter from the early-20th century. Yumeji was an in-house designer of Haibara and produced numbers of excellent designs. The exclusive handmade washi papers with deckle-edge have a truly beautiful texture. Sold in a package of 3 same designs. Back side is meant to be used vertically but it can be used side-way for western writing. Size and the shape may slightly vary as these are completely handmade. (above and below).

i always need more washi tape...

From the Kita no Moyo-cho (literally means "pattern book from the North") letterpress card series, this mini card set in a match box is really cute, 20 mini cards with blank back side.

Created by Japanese artist Yonagadou by printing the patterns of vintage chiyogami, wrapping papers used at department stores, kimono and old garments from the 20s to early 70s onto rustic looking coarse warabanshi paper. The letter set includes 10 sheets (above and below).

i think you can tell which one my favorite is...the ones with the white blue greyish geese on them, wow...but then again the whole store is wow...They just opened their first store in Tokyo, it's only open friday and saterday make sure you're there on the good days...ooooooooooh i like...
It's a candy for the eye, go have a look...yum...


  1. Such beautiful, delicate Japanese stationery. Love the washi tape. Have a great weekend :)