Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sort of Coal

I found another treasure in paradise...This time it comes from Denmark..A beautiful and pure product with Japanese roots from long ago...For centuries, the Japanese have produced active, handcrafted charcoal commonly known as “White Charcoal”. This material has long been cherished for its unique ability to naturally purify materials by attracting, adsorbing and encapsulating harmful substances to its surface (would that work for my body too?). As it is a solid form of carbon, it also balances the global CO2 challenge..We are exposed to an increasing amount of toxins in our daily lives. The tap-water is polluted by fertilisers, the air we breathe is polluted by petrol fumes and the beauty products we use often contain cheap chemicals that end up trapped in our body. Therefore, Sort of Coal has specialized in producing beautiful and functional white charcoal products that naturally purifies air, water and body. White charcoal in the form of edible powder (it can work for the body...), jewelries or body products can balance and cleanse you. All of the charcoal body products are entirely organic and natural. With white charcoal as a central element in all of their design, they combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with functional Danish design. I have never heard of Denmark, no just kiddin', of course, i mean white charcoal, sounds sort of cool, don't you think..I lovvve finding these treasures, products that are made with love for us and mother earth. It is my hope that in this century people will buy more and more. Haha, i mean more and more of these authentic, made with love- goodies. And that's why i love to blog about them so much (and because i am such a good consumer....haha...) 

There's also shampoo for oily hair, sometimes i reach that state...

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