Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sharon and Tineke from New Zealand met in London - way back when hotmail was cool, a phone being smart just meant it could text. Back home, and fast foward to 10 years later...Sharon had a sweet idea, Tineke was thinking along the same lines. And so their little kiwi company was born. Sending candy with a special message, there's one for all....What a super nice idea to start such a company....and from New Zealand......i like....Have a look on their website, it has the greatest picture on it..I borrowed some of their lines accompanying the sweets...they are so much fun...
The Get Well Candybox has been proven to increase energy levels, supercharge the immune system and get rid of even the worst coughs and colds. Well, not really. But it will make them smile. And smiling is the perfect remedy to almost anything.

Sometimes, you just want someone to know you’re thinking of them. Like when a friend has had a crap day at work, or if they’ve got something massive on that’s keeping them awake at night. Or even when there’s no reason, which is sometimes the best reason of all. Our Just because Candybox says you’re thinking about them in the best, warmest and sweetest way possible.

Who said romance is dead? When you’re loved up, there’s nothing better than getting, or giving, little presents to show how much you care. And to make them blush in the office, let’s be honest. Make them blush for all the right reasons, a hundred times over, with a romantic box of candy that will have them loving you just that incy bit more.

Saying sorry can be pretty hard. Saying sorry with candy makes it a little easier. And the person you’re saying sorry will feel better too. Make your apology a little sweeter....

"thanx" for reading my post...


  1. Love the idea behind the candy box and you're right; who wouldn't love to receive such a pretty box?

  2. yeey.. especially with X-mas....; )