Monday, January 14, 2013

Fluffy & Co

I've written about them before, they also own those cute canvas heart totes...FluffyCo is a small, friendly business from San Francisco. They draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, modern design, the culture and ideas of the beloved San Francisco, and artistic concepts from around the world. These inspirations help create products that are useful, artful and made in a way they can stand behind. Most of the goodies are made local, yes that's what we like and made in small batches and working with small and family–owned businesses whenever possible. Using many home products by hand using water–based inks, as opposed to the dominant plastic–based inks most often used in the industry. Water­–based inks has the same staying power as plastic, but is a less toxic, more eco–friendly option that gives the print a nice soft feel, especially after washing. 

Screen-printed by hand using water-based inks. Eco-friendly organic cotton and hemp (55/45%) blend...

organic, cotton canvas, yas....

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