Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hudson Made

Introducing the Hudson Made Worker's Soap. This small batch artisanal product is for the man (or woman) who understands that being good with your hands means being good to your hands. Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. Hand wrapped and string tied with a lead seal, each soap is securely protected and unique. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable papers creates a valued product presentation. All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional product. The typography itself is balanced between contemporary simplicity and the heritage implied by nineteenth-century design. "Old" is cool, isn't it...back to less is more and it's defenitely more...The package alone is gorgeous...wow... This is what they say on their website, very inspiring..."A product's story is what rescues it from the assembly line and breathes life into it. It gives the product room to be itself, to be original, and not be stifled by standardization. At Hudson Made, we want to reinvigorate the marketplace with unique items made in the Hudson Valley. A return to the roots of America, a time when craftsmanship and quality were valued above machinery and quantity. For us, quality means knowing a product's story, which means knowing the artisan or farmer who crafted it, knowing from where the product came and how far it traveled, and knowing what makes this product unique and how it can enhance your life. We are focused on admiring and preserving these stories, and bringing them to you. In an effort to support local economies, we favor regionalism and aim to source as many of our products as possible from within 100 miles of the Hudson Valley area, which we call home. There are, however, exceptions to be made for artisans that undoubtedly uphold the Hudson Made values and standards, and we welcome them to join our community". Luvvvv this...this is what it's all about with the "new" products and companies..
...made with passion...
and another pearl from Brooklyn....i want to go...

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