Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paper & Type

Last ok time to say happy 2013...Cute little pearl on the world wide web..this is why i blog...
Goodies made with love &'ll see cute are these notes..enjoy...
Paper & Type is a little company that believes in matters of thoughtful correspondence. Whether it be a kind "hello" or the expression of thankfulness, the notable announcement or a more subtle statement, P&T presents a manner of communication that is both simple and versatile, mixed with a bit of whimsy. The company's one-of-a-kind projects include invitations, small business stationery, prints, and social cards for the everyday and the significant occasion. P&T was established in 2008 by Victoria Vu. Her affinity for paper goods is explicable: it's her father's fault. In 1991 he opened a print shop, and taught her the typesetting skills she needed to know by the time she was 11. She's been persnickety about paper and typefaces ever since....(sounds like me...)

Fill in the blanks for a simple and kind note. These little cards (set of 5) are handily sized to tuck away in your bag or pocket for those moments you wish to share some thoughtful words about a lovely friend. Or perhaps you'd like to fill them all out at once and hide them away in different places, to be discovered one at a time by someone dear.

you....happy day

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