Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sesame Letterpress

Sesame Letterpress is a letterpress studio in Brooklyn (did you just say Brooklyn..). They specialize in custom printing projects from invitations to personal stationery to limited edition artists’ publications. Dating back to the 15th Century, letterpress printing is done by inking a plate with a raised surface of type or images and pressing this inked surface into a sheet of paper, creating a beautiful de-bossed impression. All their printed goods are produced in their Brooklyn studio with cast iron platen presses. Each piece is hand-fed, one color at a time and one piece at a time on our Victorian machines. They are committed to reducing the footprint on the environment and use paper made from 100% recovered cotton fibers which require fewer chemicals and produce far less waste than papers made from trees. That's what i like...i am a stationary babe...and i really really like the boxes below...ooooh have a look, soooo beautifully made..which is your fav..i think i will go for the unique-orn...stands for magic & creativity and we need a little of that sometimes....(all the times...)

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