Thursday, November 22, 2012

HTNK one day shop

Sunday the 25th of November there will be another HTNK Onedayshop at Trouw in Amsterdam. During the HTNK Onedayshop you can shop for cool products of Dutch fashion; designer labels, photographers, illustrators, accessories designers, DJ's and more. Trouw is a really cool edgy, industrial building where there used to be a newspaper called Trouw (meaning loyal or getting married haha...). Anyways the surroundings for such a one day shop are perfect....i think very nice brands will come and join...i'll keep you posted. These pics are from last year...
HTNK fashion recruitment & consultancy initiated this yearly shopping gathering since 2002 in order to provide fashion entrepreneurs a platform for their products.

miscellaneous store will be there as well..
(see my yesterday's post..)

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