Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miscellaneous store

The "about" piece of this shop i couldn't translate better as she has i am just copy- pasting this, sorry..but she wrote it so authentic..
"What gives me small daily joys is when I use a product I really love as it reminds of the features that made
it appealing to me in the first place; its design, its creators, and yes sometimes even those who sold it to me. More importantly, it encompasses a certain personal richness of knowing what you love and why, and the ability to act upon it. Those short joyful moments to me are actual reminders of ownership and freedom. I believe all items we proudly carry at Misc-store have the capability of creating a small joyfull moment anytime you use them. Be it heavy used items like the plate you put your keys on every day, your iPhone in a beautiful cover, a card you sent to that special someone, all our items have common aestethic feel (which I like to call "miscellaneous") and are backed with great people". This sounds great, doesn't it, you feel her love for these goodies...yep that's where we (all) want to go to...just as her shop...Have a look...

Modern stationery from Berlin, these greeting cards in a off-white and beige color way dictate bold and clear lines. Karte Design Fabrik is based in Berlin and employs people over machines, and put handwork into place as each item is individually controlled, folded and composed by hand. Niceeee from Berlin, don't you's such a creative city..

Send this message to those always in a hurry, jetlagged, busy (is that about everyone..). Tell them it is OK, to just take a couple minutes (or more) to take a breath and they might send you a thank you card in return. Le typographe is a printing shop in Brussels, favoring the technique of printing with movable type lead and wood. All products are printed on their 5 Heidelberg presses typo and assembled by hand, using traditional methods in their workshop.

Have a relaxing day and maybe take a nap...; )

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